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Nalin Rajput
4 min readJul 25, 2020


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It was just another night at home. There I was, lying and just about to sleep when a thought struck me. I remembered all the tough times I had gone through and experienced. It surprised me as to how I actually came out of all those situations. I was grateful to myself for surviving all of that. So I took a notebook and a pen and started pouring out the late-night thoughts. Here is the poem I wrote that night:

There comes a day

Where we have no say

When our life falls apart

Sending us back to the start

We feel defeated

So disappointed, more so cheated

Why did we fail?

Was there a fault in the sail?

Eternities have been spent

To find out a reason to vent

Empires have been destroyed

Despite great minds having tried

Only the lucky ones

Manage to see the rising suns

We ask, will we be one of them?

They say, Who knows why and when?

Uncertainties shouldn’t make us stop trying

Time should not be spent sitting and crying

Fire should be fought with fire

Not with greed and evil desire

Maybe we’ll fall

And have our backs to the wall

But there will come a day

When we’ll be able to say

Where there’s a will

There’s a way.

There are just some days when we feel lost. It’s okay. (Photo by Felipe Giacometti on Unsplash)

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Every one of us will face situations in life which we feel will eat us up. However different they look, in the end, many of them have an objective to teach the same lesson to the people. For example, there could be a person right now in this world who is finding it hard to deal with expectations which his employers have kept from him, and right there in the same country could be a young sports prodigy who is struggling to handle the pressure that comes along with expectations. Looking at these two from our perspective, we cannot disagree with the fact that both of them are facing a similar, if not identical situation.

And this is what happens with all of us. Granted, you may be more successful than most of the others, but at a point of time in your life, the crux of a struggle will be very similar to what the others would face. And that is exactly why people can help each other out. When we listen to our friends opening up about certain issues, there is a very good chance that we have been through such a set of emotions and very frequently we know how to deal with them.

Your life may seem uncertain and scary at times. (Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash)

All of us in the world, at some time or the other, will face failure. Doesn’t matter where, when and how. We will feel low, hopeless and it is normal. But at that point, we should realize that life is not always hard on us. Everyone around us has been through or will go through what we are facing right now. We must remember that we cannot control everything but only ourselves. Because once you overcome the negativity that struggles bring, you come out a changed human being. What we all have to try to achieve is the strength to come out of negativity and get on with our lives.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill

The above quote is a very good take on the two most crucial aspects of people’s lives. Honestly, this can be extended to every discouraging and negative situation we face. I reiterate by saying that it is always okay to feel upset about where we are. It is not easy to come out of the darkness but that does not mean we cannot be our own light.

Efforts Matter. (Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash)

I would like to conclude by saying that making the efforts matters more than the outcome of everything we do. Sometimes we may lose, sometimes we may win. Just remember if you have made it this far, you can always make it to the next step. Everyone around you will always love you for who you are and will support you in times of need. All that’s to be done is trying.

I hope all my readers are safe and doing well in this ongoing pandemic! And always remember,

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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